About Us

Just the two of us – You and I


I was born and raised in southern California. After college, I taught bilingual special education classes for ten years. In 1993 I moved with my own family to Portland, OR. where I raised my three children. I taught high school Spanish for eight years.

Looking for a change, in 2012 I decided to move to the “sunny side of the state.” Being an outdoor enthusiast, I love Bend and all that it has to offer!

When Don first brought up the subject of the motorcycle I was a bit ambivalent. I never would have envisioned myself riding on a motorcycle. In the almost six years that I have known Don, I have ridden 60,000 miles on the back of a motorcycle, changed to a plant based diet, and rediscovered my love for dancing! It has been a blast!!

Butch Cassidy

Don Hamon

I was born in a small logging town in Central Oregon and went to college to be a Firefighter & Paramedic. My first bike was a Honda Mini 50. Later I had a Yamaha Enduro that I rode on & off road.

I learned to sky dive, SCUBA dive, repel off buildings, windsurf and white water kayak, but I gave up motorcycles. I gave them up, but never forgot them.

As a paramedic I got to see the worst of society; the worst in behavior and the worst in health. I remember seeing people who were 50 and looked like they were 80…and people who were 80 and looked like they were 50. I used to finish calls and say, “I don’t want to be like him.” or “that’s how I want to be at 80.” I soon realized it was two things, “Diet & Exercise” that will make or break your health.

Along with a plant based diet, we exercise. Our gym routine is 3 days a week of Yoga & core work…..We play racquetball and dance on the weekends.

I’ve thought about motorcycles all of my life and knew one day I would ride again. But it had been 40 years, and I wasn’t sure if I would remember how to ride. I spent a winter searching every website, reading every book and watching videos to gain every bit of safety edge without yet owning a bike. This website is a payback / pay-forward effort to those who helped me and to those starting now.

I ride for therapy; the feeling of freedom. A place to clear my head by being so focused on the ride that nothing else can interfere with,

“being in the now”

I’m still looking for myself, and I think I see him down the road, just a little further.