Being a vegan motorcyclist

A vegan motorcyclist?

Vegan motorcyclist

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be, “normal.” To fit in somewhere, like perhaps it is to be you. Somehow I wound up an outsider, to be weird to most of society. It is the hand life dealt; and I make no excuses for who I am, in fact I’m quite comfortable in my own skin.

It took years; decades actually, to get to where I am, to be so confident in myself as to not care what anyone thinks.. Do I think I’m right? Of course I do, but am I right? I don’t pretend to have that answer, you can only be, “right” to yourself, it’s a different answer for each of us

I guess I have to first separate the two choices I’ve made, vegan and motorcyclist (biker). Bikers are not vegan, and generally vegans are not bikers, that seems simple enough…’s like a fish that doesn’t like water. So, which came first the vegan or the biker. I started at age 10 on a Honda Mini 50, later a Yamaha Enduro, and only rode until college at 17. I loved riding; at least in my mind, but without a bike until I was 55 and bought the VStar.

I grew up in a very traditional, rural lifestyle eating meat and dairy until one day in 1985 when I had moved to San Francisco and experienced the great epiphany.

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Without the boring details, I realized 1.) my future health depended almost entirely on what I ate, and 2.) I could no longer contribute to the suffering and killing of animals. That day my life changed in ways that would lead to ridicule and harassment from pretty much everyone. Being vegetarian, even in SF was to be out of step…..and so it began.

Perceptions – Misconceptions – Exceptions
Where do I fit?

Bikers are rough, tough leather vested, with a two foot long knife strapped to their studded belt, looking for the best cheeseburger within riding distance. Vegans are skinny, pale, tie-dye wearing, with that strange odor of patchouli, looking for a tofu, Kale almond milk smoothy within walking distance. Bikers yell obscenities, while vegans preach about your evil lifestyle……and I’m trying to straddle this fence?

How I thought I would look

How I really look

Peter Fonda is, well Peter Fonda…….I’m a nerdy vegan



Some of our colors match….does that count ?

Now you see… much as I try, I just don’t fit. Bikers laugh at me and vegans think I’m some kind of construction worker yuppie.

So please, be nice to bikers most of them are really nice people….and be nice to vegans, most of them mean you no harm. And if you see me, just try not to laugh……

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  1. DALE ALLIN says:


    1. class of 1965 Bend High School
    2. class of 1967 (USMC/Vietnam)
    3. member of Rose City Motorcycle Club (1979-present);
    4. ride about 20,000 miles per year.

    Where are you located?

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