California High Sierra Motorcycle Trip

California high sierra motorcycle trip should be on your bucket list! I could do this over and over again.

Somewhere along the Sierra-Nevada mountains

After a web/crash/disaster, I have rewritten this post. It now combines two trips.

California high sierra motorcycle trip

Karla is on an extended stay, so I need to get there and what better way than, Riding California’s High Sierra Oregon to San Clemente.

I had but three goals;

Meet interesting people

Eat wonderful plant based food

Ride great motorcycle roads

I need some straight roads for contemplation time……… not roads like this…

So this is where riding a motorcycle and finding the meaning of life, finding yourself…… all start to come together…..oh sure I’ve been to a therapist and he made me realize I needed a motorcycle ?

I think the wind chill at 37 degrees with let’s say a 65 mph wind starts feeling like……oh really, the NOAA chart doesn’t go quite that low…..Hmmm, well it’s below 17 F.

This calls for “Warm N Safe” heated gear, the best electric motorcycle clothing on the market. I’m wearing just a jacket liner and glove liners, with a wireless controller…….and I’m toasty, like being wrapped in an electric blanket and I can’t turn either up to high because it’s too hot…….oh yeah……this is luxury.

I can not think of anything other than staying between the lines…..I’ll get back to you on the soul searching……

Introspection in the end may be the only route to fundamental change in any of us, as scary as it may be…..look deep, all by yourself, brutal honesty is how we push ourselves toward rewarding change.

Same place, “we” took a photo last year……Today there is only one vegan.

Motorcycle Lassen Volcanic National Park…..

Lassen is a beautiful place and should be on your list to visit.

Top of Lassen National Park

Roadside mud pots are probably better in the video footage, but really everything is better with your own eyes…..this is just meant to entice you to go…..go darn it go.

Chester, California, we stayed here before, and I love Chester, it’s a mountain town with blue skies, refreshing clean air and the locals are genuine and welcoming. I needed some honest, nice folks………I refrained from hugging a couple of strangers, but that’s how I am; I’d just as soon hug you as shake your hand.

Rose Quartz Inn – Best Western

It doesn’t get any better than this. Coffee Station in Chester, CA. Great coffee, local folks…..Sweet.

I love good coffee and I love coffeehouses, so much that for many years I owned a coffee roasting company and several coffeehouses. It’s a nostalgia with roots in the beatnik’s of the ’60’s but the draw to me is community; sharing conversation, ideas and philosophy’s it is so simple, yet so deep…….depending on where you want it to go.

Yosemite National Park

California has great motorcycle roads crossing the Sierras

I chose Sunday morning to make my run at Los Angeles

El Segundo Starbucks
Palm Trees…..we aren’t in Oregon anymore Toto

Califia State Beach right in front of the house

Santa Catalina Island in the distance, reunited with my best friend….As my shirt says, “Life is Good!”

Two days before I was wearing heated gear….I have to keep reminding myself what it is I dislike so much about California……this is really hard to take ?

So that was my trip to California, in the next post I’ll be sharing the trip home. I took four days to ride up the entire coastline and it was extraordinarily gorgeous….

A random dog photo…..this one’s not really so random……Max was rescued by Karla’s parents……..

Max loves to play……don’t we all???
Until next time.. Life is short, start living now.

California high sierra motorcycle trip.

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