2019 “Times They Are a Changin”

Bob Dylan 1964



Motorcycles were made for curves.  Motorcyclists live to go through curves.   The more the better.  “Holy Shit you should’ve seen those curves.”  Don’t tell me you haven’t heard or even said that line before.   What’s not to like about curves?

Where have you made your biggest mistakes?  Where do riders crash?  Oh yeah, the gut reaction is to answer, “intersections.”  Good answer, yep good answer.  Those cagers, the people driving cars and not looking out for us, that’s the problem!   True, true.  In about 60% of motorcycle fatalities, it is in an intersection, many times a car turning in front of a bike.

40% is not an insignificant part of the equation.  Almost half of our “problems” are in, you guessed it, curves.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about, how do I get so off track?

What are the chances of Don going off track while he tries to tell a simple story?

Chance of going off track 90%

Learning curves, that’s what’s bugging me.  Every time I turn around there’s something new to learn.  People tell me, “You’re gonna love this, but it’s got a steep learning curve!”  There you go, curves and hills, it’s a curve and it’s steep.  Oh brother.


Out with the old – In with the new.  After several years of taxing my brain’s weak right side redesigning this page, I asked for help.  I finally admitted that I had reached my limit.

I like the new layout and I can now leave it alone.  We may stumble around for a bit as I learn the new theme, and editing systems.  And then there is Gutenberg.

Most WordPress users are familiar with Gutenberg, although in our WordPress meetups and blogs it feels yet to be embraced.  I think I’m going to like it, but I have not tried it at all.  So more learning curves to negotiate.

I have so many things to catch up on.  We had a wonderful summer of motorcycle travel.  Our prize trip was two weeks exploring Colorado and I need to show you 1000 photos……I’ll winnow that down a little.  We rode the, Olympic Peninsula loop in Washington.  And we spent a longish weekend in Southern Oregon, to include the, “House of Mystery” and the Oregon Caves National Monument.

A bunch of other trips around Oregon, that I’m sure you’re dying to hear about.  And then for Christmas, we took the whole fam to Mexico.


Once again, I made so many mistakes this year, that you’ll want to read about them.  If you use me as an example; you’re doing fantastic and you probably don’t even need any, “resolutions.”

I don’t know why these photos are blurry on desktop, but fine on a phone.  

Old Dog New Trick

Around Christmas every year my personal odometer clicks over a notch.  This time, I hit 60.  On a bike you kind of have this number in the back of your head, “When it hits X, I’m selling.”  60’s pretty old, for a young guy like me.

But like most things in life I’m supposed to be paying attention to:  I’ve ignored it.

So, you’re hearing goes, your sight goes.  I still have my sense of smell.  That means, I’m eating good.  Yeah, I gained weight and I’ve not been as excited about that as you might think.

I swear, if I weren’t vegan, I would weigh 400#.  Good thing it’s New Year and time for resolutions.  Vegan diet advice, “don’t eat as many celery sticks.”  I’ll be dropping ounces by next year.


Happy New Year!  I make a commitment, (not a resolution) every year and this year is no different.

This will be the best year of my life

I wish the best to everyone I know and those I don’t know.   Be nice, be friendly, be kind.  Appreciate what we have and look to help those who have less.  The reward will always be yours.

life is short, start living now



  1. Jordan says:

    Saw your sticker at paradox cafe in Portland! Y’all are awesome! Keep on keeping on!

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