What to take

What to Take on a Motorcycle Trip

Everyone has a opinion about what gear you should carry on a motorcycle. We think we have figured out what to take on a motorcycle trip, but that’s just our opinion. The only way you find out what you need is the time proven, “Trial and Error.”

We are blessed to both be minimalists, going light and minimal on everything is the only thing that works on a motorcycle. Planning and packing…. then finding out not all the, “plans” fit in the pack is common. A trial run is a really good idea. That means making your list and trying to pack it all, long before that morning you plan to leave…seriously.

We chose a Kuryakan “Ultra Tour” bag mainly because it’s advertised capacity was the largest we could find.

On top of that bag we attach another Kuryakan bag the, “Daily Tour.” We pack the same stuff into the same place on every trip, once you have your plan dialed in, you don’t want to mess with it. Don’t forget to check out specific tools & cleaners to keep on hand.

2021 Packing Update

Now we have a new bike and a trunk. Completely spoiled. Still carry a large top bag with rain gear. We’ll be revising this section, but all the information is still valid. We’re still using the same list for what to take.

Motorcycle photo and video

We carry small packing cubes for specific tasks. A GoPro bag, an Electronics bag and each has its own packing list. This is probably overkill for most people, but if you’re making videos, you can’t afford to forget an important piece of gear. We make all of these lists available and you can use and modify to what suits you.

Download any of our packing lists here:

GoPro Camera & Bag
Contents of my electronics bag
Contents of my electronics bag
Drone bag photo goes here. This is not finished.

“You said you were minimalists…
how are you ever going to get all the stuff onto your motorcycle?”

Here’s what we don’t carry: Blue jeans or sweatshirts. I know what you’re saying, “No one goes on a motorcycle trip without jeans and a sweatshirt!” One pair of jeans and a heavy sweatshirt take up as much space as all of my clothes for a two week trip.

Think thin and light. Clothes will make or break your packing story. Take a look at travel underwear and socks, they can be washed in the bathtub and dry by morning. Light pants with zip off legs double as shorts. Motels have irons and blow-dryers……you’re gonna have helmet hair anyway….. relax and enjoy the ride.